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Engage your customers with On Hold Messages

You’ve no doubt come across on hold messages; but have you realised what a difference they can make to your business? As 34% of people who hang up whilst being placed on hold never call back, there’s a lot of business you could gain if you use on hold messages well to keep callers engaged with your company.

Traditionally, when a call was placed on hold, there would either be a repetitive “beep” or, more recently, a generic message about how important the call is to your company. Modern On Hold Messages recognise that keeping a customer engaged is vital and needs more than just a rendition of “Greensleeves”.

How are smarter businesses using On Hold Messages?

Seasonal offers

If your company has a seasonal or time-specific promotion, on hold messages give you the opportunity to promote this to your incoming callers. Our software makes it easy to change your on hold messages whenever you need to.

Sales messages

Similarly to the seasonal offers, you can play sales messages to callers on hold to let them know of key details of your company.

Musical pieces

The most common version of on hold messages are musical pieces. We’ve all heard Beethoven’s Symphony No.5 or Green Sleeves but now you can do a lot more with musical pieces. Choose music that suits your brand and engage your target audience in a more dynamic way.  If you are considering music, you will need to have the right to use, which can usually be bought for a small fee.

Comedy sketches

Similarly to the music, comedy sketches, used correctly have been helpful in keeping callers engaged when placed on hold. You will also need to obtain the rights to use the material, the same as you would with any sales messages.

How do you choose the right type of on hold marketing message?

With the options available, it can be difficult to make a choice. The answer is knowing what you would like to achieve from your on hold marketing. The reason sales messages are the most popular is they help increase sales and engage your customer.

You may think that on hold music would be a natural choice, but recent surveys have shown that choosing the “wrong” type of on hold music can have a negative impact upon your audience. A monday morning might not mean the ‘Macarena’ is necessarily the right choice but choosing the right music can change the way customers think about your business.

34% of people who hang up whilst being on hold never call back; that’s a lot of potential business your on hold system could be costing you. The aim of on hold marketing is twofold; firstly you are looking to keep the customer engaged so they stay on the line with you for as long as possible, and secondly you are looking to inform the caller of relevant information about your company

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