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Let’s be honest, when you choose a new business phone system, it’s probably because you want to make the change quickly to start taking advantage of all the new features, a bit like buying a new car. We provide one of the quickest installation times of anyone in the telecoms industry to get you up and running quickly.  The video below gives you a great idea of what is involved with our installation process:


How will your business telephone system be installed?

In order to keep your business communicating, our phone systems are installed in a 2 stage process. In the first stage our engineers will come to your business to install the handsets into your existing set up. This allows you to test out, and be trained, on the exciting new features that come as standard with our business phone system whilst your lines are being transferred. Once this transfer has happened our engineers will complete the installation.

Who will install your telephone system?

We have a team of trained engineers based all over the UK, that can come and install your phone system quickly.  You can be assured that the person installing your phone system has been fully trained by us and they are hugely experienced in the telecoms industry.

How long does an installation take?

Our telephone system installations are usually completed within the same day, quicker than you can say Pioneer Business Phone Systems.  Included within this day is a full test of all the equipment by our engineer and a consultation with you about the best place for the system to be installed.   Finally, they will train you and your team to ensure you can get the most out of all the new bells and whistles.

Is there any downtime?

Not usually, no.  Our installation can happen alongside your existing system, meaning that as soon as our system is fully installed and your team has been trained, we switch you from your old system onto the new system.

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