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Hampton Park Vets

Hampton Park Vets are a 3 location veterinary services company with practices across the South of England in Ringwood, Salisbury and Downton.

Sanjay Mangabhai, Hampton’s owner, explains how they use our phone system to provide great customer service and segment their customers to provide unique pricing, “Our Downton office closes half an hour before our Salisbury office, so we have all our calls diverted to Salisbury so that we can continue serving our customers.  In some very rare cases, due to staff illnesses, we might be unable to open the Downton office, so being able to have the calls sent to Salisbury means we won’t lose any business.

One of the other good features of the phone system is we are able to tell which branch the customer is calling into, which is important for us as to it means we can provide unique rates at each site. We test the features from time to time just to make sure its all working as it should, and to my knowledge it has never failed us or let us down.

Nothing goes wrong with the phone system itself, if something breaks it’s usually lines or broadband, which are more BT issues. We had an issue where the BT lines went down, but even though it wasn’t a Pioneer issue they still sent someone to our site within an hour which was reassuring for us as we know nothing about phone systems.”

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